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  12 April 2022      Inter Expo and Congress Center        09.00 - 16.00

Access to the event is only after registration.
For registered participants, free parking is provided at the Inter Expo and Congress Center.

About Conference

   The Conferences are chaired and organized by local Municipalities and CRC, with the participation of major stakeholders and decision makers - Ministries, Mayors, Municipal Administration and Municipal Councilors, Municipal enterprises and regional mayors, non-governmental sector, telecoms, startup ecosystem, business, academic community, banking and fin-tech sector. The objectives of the proposed four public events is to promote digital transformation among the stakeholders and at the same time to create massive public and media interest.

    The digital transformation of the cities is focused on the local ecosystem of information and communication technologies (ICT). Without ICT providers, digital infrastructure, connectivity and e-services, digital transformation is not feasible; without sectors intensively using information and knowledge to use ICT services, there will be no user of digital services; without an effective innovation system, there is no possibility for change in both demand and supply in the city.

   Conducting a meeting-discussion for digital transformation and smart growth will support innovation and the adaptation of new technologies, ensuring complementarity between public and private capacity and expanding its publicity to citizens and businesses.

Our Mission

  To enable more companies from the ICT business ecosystem of the city to take part in the digital transformation of the city's economy.

  To further develop and create a market for electronic services at the local level for various industries, public administration and utility companies.

   Support the environment for promoting the innovation ecosystem through financial mechanisms and investment networks.

   To develop the skills of those employed in the local ICT sector and in the startup ecosystem in order to develop and create electronic services and databases by public and private organizations.

   To announce the status of local e-services: accessible and fully electronic services currently provided by the Municipality, as well as future ones in the development or implementation phase, such as administrative services, incl. address registration, local taxes and fees, education, green system, culture and tourism, urban planning and construction control, social welfare, etc.

   To announce new models of financing between Municipalities, Banks, VC Funds, ITC Sector and Developers for digital transformation of the city's economy.

Official Opening and Government Speeches 

Mr. Daniel Lorer - Minister for Innovations and Growth

Mr. Alexander Yolovski - Minister of Electronic Governance

Mr. Dilyan Berkovski - Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications

Mr. Stefan Asparuhov - Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works

Event Organizers

Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova - Mayor of Sofia Municipality

Mr. Ivan DimitrovChairman, Communications Regulation Commission, –CRC Administration

Mr. Georgi GeorgievChairman Sofia City Council

Mr. Gencho Kerezov - Deputy Mayor for Digitalisation, Innovation and Economic Development of Sofia Municipality

Martin Zahariev PhDEvent coordinator. Member of the BoD of Digital Bulgaria Foundation, Member of the BoD of Evrotrust Technologies


Official opening speeches

10.00 - 11.00 h

TOPICS: Digital transformation of the city by developing and offering innovative products and e-services;

Smart Buildings, Home Automation, Smart Grids, Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency, Cyber-Physical Systems, Intelligent Transportation, Smart Water Systems, Cybersecurity and Safety Pollution Management, Communications, Mobility, 5G, IoT in the Smart City, Control Open Data and AI in the Smart City.

Moderator – Mr. Gencho Kerezov - Deputy Mayor for "Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development" of Sofia

Q&A Session

11.00-11.15h - Coffee Break and Networking

Enhancing Lives, Enabling Businesses, Elevating Governance, Our Perspective on Smart City Development

Marco Xu

Vice President of HUAWEI, CEE&Nordic Region, Director of Public Affairs and Corporate Communication


TOPICS: THE SMART CITY & 5G IMPACT, Monitoring EMF, Small Cells-deployment

5G enabled city-wide testbed infrastructure for the cities, 5G for public safety communications focused on provision of public safety services, 5G  - integration, execution and validation of 5G use cases from a variety of vertical sectors, including Industry 4.0, Smart Transport, Smart Cities & Utilities, Energy, Media & Entertainment, 5G-TOURS has defined use cases for eHealth, touristic city and mobility efficient city, 5G for Public Safety 

Moderator – Martin Zahariev PhD – Digital Bulgaria Foundation, Member of the BoD of Evrotrust Technologies

Q&A Session

12.45-13.45h - Official Sitting Lunch


Moderator – Martin Zahariev PhD –Digital Bulgaria Foundation, Member of the BoD of Evrotrust Technologies

Q&A Session

14.45-15.00h - Coffee Break and Networking


Moderator – Levon Hampartzoumian - President at Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF)

Q&A Session

Access to the event is only after registration.
For registered participants, free parking is provided at the Inter Expo and Congress Center.


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